One of the world’s largest public pensioners by means made major changes to its investments in large-cap tech stocks as 2021 approached.

Zeist’s PGGM of Netherlands cuts investment in Apple
– Announcement

(ticker AAPL), Intel
(INTC), and Qualcomm
(Qcom) stock in the fourth quarter, and launched a position in Nvidia
(NVDA) Stock, as per a form he filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

PGGM, which managed$ 327 billion in means As of December 31, the stock didn’t note directly on trades. “ The PGGM has a unresistant strategy for listed sharesso we don’t have a specific view on specific companies,” the company said in a statement.

Pension vended1.1 million Apple shares to end 2021, along with3.6 million shares of the iPhone maker. Stock rises 34 in 2021, tops S&P 500 indicator with 27 rise,
. The shares are down 3 so far this time while the indicator is down5.6.

Near the end of December, Apple’s request capitalization approached$ 3 trillion, but it did n’t cross that mark until early January. One critic saw the way for the company’s request cap to reach$ 4 trillion. Apple reported a strong financial first quarter in late January. “ Demand for Apple products and services far exceeds force and will only drive advanced deals and perimeters for Apple when the force chain returns to normal,” said a Citi critic.
Intel stock did n’t have the upward line that Apple had. The embattled chip mammoth sees shares rise3.4 in 2021; Shares are down6.8 so far this time.

Last timejudges covering Intel were skeptical after the company’s spending climbed under new CEO Patrick Gellinger, who told us in July that the company could “ triple, quadruple” in value. Gelsinger was among Intel interposers who bought the stock on the open request in October.

Late last timestill, PGGM was dealing Intel stockcutting its stake to1.3 million shares to drop shares.
Pension vended Qualcomm s

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